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Ayurvedic Tips to Help You as the Seasons Change

4 min read

Boost your immunity and stay healthy this fall and winter by following Ayurvedic principles. Try our Classic Detoxifying Ayurvedic Fall Recipe!


Why Wellness is Important in the Workplace

5 min read

Employee wellness is an integral part of business growth, stability, and strength for a company. Implementing a strategy that is tailored to employee needs will benefit everyone involved.


4 Fun Ways to Enjoy Tezahn This Summer

3 min read

Our favorite aspect about Tezahn is how versatile it is, yet still always a healthy choice. Tezahn was created with the intention of being a multi-purpose infusion to get innovative with. Our cold-water infusions can be used in so many different ways, we thought we’d share a few of them with you.


Tezahn Making Lives Better - Reviews You’ll Want to Read

4 min read

Nowadays, nothing assures the quality of online products than honest customers’ reviews. Wondering whether or not to make Tezahn a part of your lifestyle? Read the blog and find yourself!

6 reasons to drink water when you wake up

2 min read

Drinking water is an essential part of our daily life. The body needs to be hydrated sufficiently to get through the whole day, and there are many benefits to drinking a tall glass of water when you first wake up.

7 Health Benefits of Drinking Enough Water

4 min read

Water is vital to life and has numerous health benefits when consumed in adequate amounts. These 7 benefits will make you want to drink plenty of water each day for healthy living.

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