What is Tezahn

Tezahn is a Natual Herbal Cold Infusion that instantly transforms plain water into a divine tasting, therapeutic immunity booster. The Divine smell and unique flavor relax Mind & Body keeping you uplifted and rejuvenated through the day. The ingredients used are 100% Organic herbs and spices which are a powerhouse of antioxidants with natural wellness promoting properties that help build strong Immunity for Life !

Zero Sugars * Zero Calories * Zero Preservatives

First & Only cold infused herbal drink sachet in the world

100% Organic mix of herbs and spices

Health & Wellness promoting properties

Earthy Flavor

Caffeine Free

Eco Friendly Packaging

How to make Tezahn

Drop a Tezahn bag in 500ml of Cold water

Shake it well & leave it for 5 Min

Enjoy your
Natural Immunity Boosting Wellness Water !

* Discard unused drink after 8hrs

What our Customers Say

Tezahn – Tulsi& Spices, was very refreshing to drink after my yoga practice. I will definitely be buying more. I am also curious to try other flavors.


San Diego, USA

Tezahn is a such a unique concept and product. The fact that it was an herbal cold infusion, caught my attention. I really liked the convenience of just dropping it in my water bottle and consuming it cold. I enjoyed the flavors of Tulsi& Spices and Ginger & Jaggery.


Munich, Germany

I am not much into Yoga, but a friend recommended Tezahn, so I tried it out. It was very refreshing, and I enjoyed it throughout my day. Even though the product is meant to be for yoga and meditation, I think everyone will enjoy it. I especially liked that the ingredients are herbs with natural healing properties.


New York, USA

Loved the taste of Ginger & Turmeric and Tulsi& Spices. Just the perfect drink for a Yogi! I am definitely stocking up my Yoga Studio with Tezahn.

Sarah Jones

San Francisco, USA

I am so glad to finally see a product only for Yogi’s! I tried both Tulsi& Spices and Ginger & Turmeric and loved them! I just ordered Ginger & Jaggery, because it sounds very different. Can’t wait to try it.


Los Angeles, USA

I was excited to try Tezahn, when I first heard about it from a friend. I haven’t seen any such sattvic product before. The flavors of Tezahn are so different from anything I have tried before. This is going to be in my “must buy” list every month.


London, UK

Tulsi& Spices had a very cooling flavor and after taste that it felt just right after my Yoga practice. The smell and taste of the spices is so fresh and therapeutic. Such a beautiful product. I am definitely going to be purchasing more and gifting to my friends as well. I hope they come up with special gift boxes by holidays!


Munich, Germany

Tezahn is the perfect drink for a post yoga session. Caffeine free, soothing yet invigorating. I keep a bottle of Tezahn next to me and sip through the morning while I work. I haven't found anything quite like it. Highly recommend it to yogis and to everyone.

Hemanshu Vernenker

Bangalore, India

About Us

We are a Green America Certified wellness company, committed to creating environmentally friendly, natural, healthy, and easy-to-use products that support our customers’ wellness journey while positively impacting both our society and our planet.