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August 27, 2021 4 min read

When considering a new product, many of us rely on reviews from others before purchasing. We may want to know about the quality, the size, the reliability of shipping, the durability, the taste, etc. And customer reviews are undoubtedly helpful to gauge your interest and potential favorability to the product before you spend your hard-earned money. Since you can’t taste or smell the beauty of our product through a screen, the next best thing we have are these amazing reviews from tea lovers, yogi’s, students, and moms just like you. If these reviews resonate with you, we encourage you to give Tezahn herbal cold-water infusions a try today!

Danielle,  @teaandmeco

Tulsi& Spices: I was not sure what exactly to expect, but I found this to be a cool way to up my liquids while studying (and expect this to be great when I get back on my feet and exercising). This one was really lovely, the tulsi and cardamom were the most distinguished in the taste. I was surprised by how much the tea changed in color and brewed so quickly.

Danielle enjoying Tezahn

"I was the most excited to try this ginger drink blend, due to my love of the ingredient. The aroma of the herbal drink was very spicy and instantly flooded my senses with ginger notes. I was impressed..."⁠⁠

Read more about Tezahn on her blog.

Anabelle,  @BrownYogiGirl

“I knew this was going to be good just from opening the package. I could smell the herbs through the package (which smells amazing). Very earthy, calming aroma. Once I opened up the package, I was really impressed with the herbs in the tea bag. Well put together and you can actually see all the herbs. I love being able to see exactly what I am using the texture, and even being able to smell the herbs natural scent. Just within 15 minutes of mixing the herbs in my water and drinking it, I felt different- I felt good…Definitely plan on using this more and mixing it with my water. Also, gave the water a nice taste without it having too strong of an herb taste.”

Tezahn in glass jar

Sara,  @saraisawake

“If you need that little motivating push to get those extra ounces of water intake tallied into your day, then try adding Tezahn into your H2O. Their sustainably-sourced organic ingredients help boost flavors and health benefits in the water you drink daily. I conveniently dropped an organic herbal cold-infuse tea sachet (started with "Mint & Turmeric") into my tea-infuser glass bottle from @tealoyco, added cold water from my filtered, refrigerated Brita jug... shook well... left aside for 5 minutes... and voilá! I can drop one of these infusion bags into any shaker bottle or traveler mug. I just love using my infuser glass bottle where l can easily unscrew the cap that holds the used-up bag/sachet. 💗 I thoroughly enjoyed this cold, refreshing, and very invigorating flavored water enhanced with mint, turmeric, cardamom, mace, cloves, and nutmeg. I will certainly have fun later trying the other infusion bags!”

 Heather,  @thismorningstea

“I love drinking Tezahn after doing yoga. It's so easy to throw a bag in my water bottle and shake it up. It definitely helps me to drink more water! The Tulsi& Spices is my favorite, but I also really love the Ginger and Turmeric!”

Check out her fun video of trying Tezahn, here.

Cheryl,  @Just.Tea.Zen

“I got some really cool samples from @wellnessdivinedrink. These are cold infuse herbal teas and they are all about wellness. The amazing part? You get a cold water infused wellness tea in MINUTES. That’s right…toss the sachet in your water bottle, shake, and in five minutes you have yourself a cold brew. It’s a tea, it’s a water enhancer, and it’s perfect as a grab-and-go option.

I chose the Ginger & Jaggery to try first since jaggery is a new ingredient for me. Well, after a little research, I learned that I’ve actually seen it in the grocery store, just with a different name. Ever see the “cones” of what look like packed brown sugar, usually in the produce area? Pretty much the same thing! Jaggery is an unrefined sugar product that can be made from sugar cane or date palm. It is used all over the world as a natural sweetener and is more nutritious than refined sugar due to the molasses content. Do a little googling and read up about the process…it’s pretty fascinating!

Tezahn boxes on a canvas bag

This blend is super aromatic and very clove forward. It has a nice spicy zing from ginger and cardamom and includes my favorite herb for a happy tummy…tulsi. I left the sachet in my bottle for extra flavor and it never got too strong or tasted over-brewed so, this works perfect for my water bottle at work to sip all afternoon.”


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