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March 21, 2022 2 min read


The Event We’ve Been Waiting For 

Thousands of people attended the Palmer Convention Center in Austin, Texas for theSXSW Wellness Expo this month to explore and experience the latest healthy and sustainable products geared at improving your overall wellness. However, none of the brands in attendance were quite likeTezahn. Our herbal cold infusions were met with intrigue, wonder, and excitement. At first, many mistaken Tezahn for tea, but we reassured them that it was not - there is not a single tea leaf in our product. There is no brewing or steeping required either - just pure herbs & spices!

It was also great to finally be at the expo this year, since our original plan was to attend in March of 2020 before everything shut down. We are so very grateful to all who attended and stopped by booth 423!

Tezahn bottles and infusion bags in front of the SXSW banner


The Taste of Tezahn Speaks for Itself

These types of events mean so much to us as a new emerging product because once you experience the unique smell and taste of Tezahn, you’ll never want to drink plain water again. The delicately balanced infusion blends deliver on flavor and freshness without being too overpowering. After all, Tezahn is meant to be enjoyed throughout the day so that you can fuel your mind and body naturally, so keep the refills coming!

Sample cups of Tezahn infusion flavors for tasting

As we mentioned in our Yoga Expoblog, here is how we like to highlight our three flavors: 

Tulsi & Spices: robust, floral, clove-like

Mint & Turmeric: cooling, peppery, earthy

Ginger & Jaggery: warm, zingy, slightly sweet

Most people gravitated towards Ginger & Jaggery or Mint & Turmeric because (as expected) those flavors sound new and interesting. However, our original flavor, Tulsi & Spices, had its moment as well. We even had a few customers come back to the expo just to purchase a few more boxes before we left on Sunday! 

Health and Convenience: The Perfect Combination 

When creating Tezahn, we knew the flavors had to be balanced perfectly, but we also had convenience and sustainability at the top of our mind. We all strive for better health, but at what cost? Convenience is certainly not one of them for us!

It takes no prep or planning to have your Tezahn - just drop our infusion bag into your water bottle, shake and let it sit for a minute or two. Then, you can go about your day sipping on a divine tasting water that boosts your immunity and supports your health goals. It’s that simple!

Explaining Tezahn to a new customer
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