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January 07, 2022 3 min read


Happiness and health on your terms

It’s the start of another year, and we are all hearing the same words like “new year, new you,” “wellness,” “resolutions,” “healthy habits,” and “2022 goals” from family, friends, social media, etc. And, they are just flying around like crazy because everyone is expected to have some new plans for achieving their goals. Well guess what, these are all just ordinary words until you attribute your own meaning to them. Everyone is striving for happiness, peace, love and joy because is that not the purpose of our lives? However, it seems as though some of us have figured it out and the rest of us are wondering where the hell it went and if we even had it at all.

You may think, “oh they’ve found happiness. I want to do exactly what they are doing!” Well the truth is, this person may have a lot of happiness and peace, but you also do not know what goes on in their head or their lives daily. How can you? That’s why it’s important to put down the phone, turn off the tv, etc. Focus on what happiness, peace, love and joy is for YOU specifically, and write it down. Now, as you read through that list try to FEEL (in your body) what it would be like to experience those things, and as you go about your daily life, take a moment here and there to see if your actions are leading to that feeling. If not, there is your opportunity for positive change!


The pursuit of wellness

In a previous blog, we talked about the dimensions of wellness including emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and so on. If you want true definitions and suggestions for these components of wellness, then we highly suggest you read morehere. But don’t feel that you need to subscribe to these suggestions fully. Like we mentioned above, write down what “healthy and happy” means to you and figure out what actions lead to that by leaning on the feelings that your habits bring you. For example, if doing intense exercise for 45 minutes/5 days a week brings you high anxiety around whether or not you can accomplish that goal and overall exhaustion and unhappiness, then that is not contributing to your overall health. Try a 30 minute walk everyday while listening to your favorite music, book or podcast and see if you enjoy that more instead! 


Goal setting from a new perspective

Now that you’ve thought about wellness, health, etc. from a perspective of feeling and removing comparison, here are some tips to help you set any goals that you would like to in 2022.

  1. Dedicate time to planning and checking in. Don’t be afraid to pivot if your original plan is not bringing you happiness.
  2. Write it all down. Not only write down the goal, but also the little steps (and feelings) that you want to accomplish along the way.
  3. Take small steps. The little wins can sometimes be the most rewarding!
  4. Get support. Try to find someone in your life that you can communicate your goals to. Don’t forget to ask them how you can support them as well.


Building healthy habits with Tezahn

One of the reasons we love our herbal infusions so much is that it’s an easy addition to your daily routine that helps you take care of yourself. When we drinkTezahn, we get that feeling of joy, satisfaction and overall “ahhh” because it tastes so good and is so refreshing to the body. You can find a few moments of peace within a crazy day while you sip on your Tezahn! And if you're not sure what flavor you will enjoy, we’ve just introduced our newWellness boxes that contain 3 infusion bags of each flavor. Happy sipping!!

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